UPDATE: Killer on the High Bridge

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Today, April 22, 2019, the Indiana State Police held a press conference updating the public on the Delphi case.

They said after 2 years they are changing the direction of their investigation. Here is what is new:

  1. They believe they have a new sketch and the old one should be considered secondary. The new sketch is drastically different and depicts a seemingly younger man, age 18-40.

2. Police say that the killer is either from or currently living in Delphi and they either work there or visit often.

3. They also believe there was a car parked near the sight at the old CPS/DCS welfare building. Information on this car could be critical in the investigation and they are hoping someone from the public will contact them if they were parked there or know who was.

4. The police played more audio than previously released but it was just one more word. It sounded like “guys” before he said “down the hill.” It sounds like two men, but the police emphasized this is only one man.

5. They also shared footage from the phone. Instead of a still image we now have video of the man walking and police hope that someone will recognize him by his walk, although it is unnatural since he is walking on railroad tracks.

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You can listen to the new word released from the audio by the police here.

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