CONSPIRACY: Jonathan Luna

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When federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna was found face-down in a creek with multiple stab wounds, homicide seemed like the obvious answer. Over time, though, public officials started to pose a different theory: that he took his own life. But for those who knew Jonathan, that wasn’t an option – and the more they learned about the circumstances surrounding his death, the more they started to wonder if it was being covered up by those in charge.

 To get a deeper dive into Jonathan Luna’s case, check out David Payne’s podcast:  Somebody Somewhere.

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For our friends in the Deaf and Signing community, you can view an ASL version of this episode HERE.

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If you know who we can contact, or which government agency in Maryland would be willing to take an unbiased look at Jonathan’s death, we want to hear from you! You can email us at [email protected]

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