INFAMOUS: Circleville Letters

Episode Summary

An anonymous letter-writer antagonized residents of Circleville, Ohio for years, singling out the school superintendent, Gordon Massie, and a local bus driver, Mary Gillispie, as the focus of much of the vitriol. When Mary finds a booby trap with a loaded gun in 1983, the gun is traced to her brother-in-law Paul Freshour – but the letters would continue long after Paul went to prison for attempted murder.

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Episode Source Material


  • Ohio V Paul Freshour 1983 trial transcript
  • Paul Freshour appeals
  • Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation reports
  • Pickaway County Sheriff’s Department, Paul Freshour case file
  • Ron Gillispie State of Ohio traffic crash report/Pickaway County Sheriff’s Department death report
  • Pickaway County Sheriff’s Department reports on David Longberry
  • Paul Freshour V Karen Freshour
  • Letters 1977-1978 (Downloaded PDF from the Invisible Ships Podcast page, but only used letters, not any of the podcast material itself)