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MURDERED: Kacie Woody

Kacie Woody was a young girl who trusted easily but in 2002 her trust would be misplaced after meeting two boys online. One of them was not who they seemed to be and he wanted more from Kacie than she could give.

In this episode we explore the dangers of the internet and warn against potential predators lurking the web.

The Case

Kacie Woody

Kacie Woody

Photo Found HERE

David Fuller

David Fuller

Photo Found HERE

You can learn more about Kacie Woody’s Foundation here.

Signs of Online Predators

Here are just a few signs to look out for when identifying an online predator:

 Online predators sound nice

Contrary to what most people think, online predators actually sound very nice online. The most dangerous ones don’t sound fake at all, and they actually have real conversations with teenagers in a non-threatening environment, whether it be on social media or an online chat room.

Online predators already know things about you

There may be things they tell you about yourself that you know you didn’t tell them. This might be through the things you post on social media, for example.

Online predators always agree with you

No matter what you say, they feel the exact same way about everything you say. They do this because they want to gain your complete trust.


These are only a few signs of an online predator. Visit these sites for more signs and information:

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