What is
a Pruppet?

Prup • pet (prə́pət) n., pl. –pets

Etymology: Contemporary Pop Culture American

  1.  A Crime Junkie’s best canine friend; That is probably the cutest pruppet I have ever seen, except of course, for Chuck.

The earliest known use of the word pruppet is by Crime Junkie Podcast host, Ashley Flowers. It can be used in reference to a dog or puppy of utmost adorability. A pruppet is a furry version of one’s soul mate.

Synonyms: dog, puppy, good boy, good girl

See also: love of my life, reason for waking up in the morning, God’s best creation



This is the one and only: Chuck. Chuck has been with me since my freshman year in college and he’s the OG pruppet. No really, I started using that word when I got him as a puppy in 2011. He’s the goodest boy and yes, that really is his howl at the end of every episode.

Past Pruppets of the Month